Season of Giving


Well it’s that time of year again people! It’s Black Friday Day…..Yea I was never into the whole “Hunger Games” style shop till you, in some very literal and unfortunate cases, drop dead ( this is a real site that actually tracks Black Friday related deaths , type of consumerism. Plus I have personal space issues and can’t handle people being all up in my bubble no matter how cheap that 50 inch LED flat screen is. That and an unwillingness to wake up at 3AM to wait in line for something I can get online. BUT despite all this sales induced mania, I still remember someone somewhere saying that at some point in the next few days the Season of Giving is supposed to start! Of course this got me kind of excited because I am in the middle of my own fund raiser and it got me to thinking about giving, and fund raising,….and then one of my pods started screaming at me and it hit me! I wanted to give my 2013 Season of Giving a T1 theme.

So I found this pretty neat site called Indiegogo and was able to set up a special campaign where I’ve decided to raise money for the Ulman Fun (the guys that put together my little cross country cycling program AND Type 1 Diabetes. Basically I’ll be taking donations for both my 4k for Cancer charity as well as a Type 1 organization that helps to show young T1s how to stay active and healthy while managing their diabetes. We all can relate I am sure the the stresses of exercise. How it can both be very beneficial for us while at the same time can almost kill us if we aren’t careful. Hell, the first time I rode cross country (  I was terrified of getting caught by a nasty low in the middle of Oklahoma, who knows how many miles/hours away from a hospital. In the months leading up to the ride I cam seriously close to calling the ride people up and throwing in the towel early just because I just didn’t have any confidence that my I’d be able to keep my T1 under control. It wasn’t until I got in touch with another T1 that actually completed the same exact ride that I was slated to do the year before. It was the hugest of weights just lifted right off my shoulders. ANOTHER T1 DID IT!!! AND HE LIVED!!! It was that easy. After hearing his tips and suggestions I had an entirely new grip on myself, my T1, and a ride that ended up being one of the greatest experiences of my life.

And it’s with that in mind that I’d like to donate to Type 1 organizations that teach young people how to REALLY live with their Type 1 and not just survive with it. And especially give them that confidence boost to not let their T1 demons to hold them back from doing things that they really want to do. So for every month from now until my cross country ride begins in June, I will be raising money for both my 4k ride and a Type 1 organization. Every donation made will be divided evenly between the two charities. For the month of December I’ve decided to raise money for Riding On Insulin ( The people at Riding On Insulin are a great and dedicated group that I really wish I had known about when I was growing up.

So that’s my T1 themed Season of Giving resolution, of sorts. Every month I’ll be picking a new T1 group to raise money for and keep the giving going up until the summer. I’ll try and keep things interesting along the way and add some interesting perks to prove to you guys how serious I am about giving back to the community I tried to ignore for so long. But I won’t be able to do it alone. The big theme that I’ve gathered from all the fund raising guides and helpful hints is: “you don’t get donations that you don’t ask for” . It’s a fairly “keep it simple stupid” kind of hint but it’s one that I needed to hear. SO I’d like to ask all of you to take a look at the Indiegogo page I made. If you feel compelled to donate PLEASE DO SO. The Ulman Fund and Riding On Insulin are really great causes. ANY size donation would be greatly appreciated. I’ve even added a couple interesting perks for those who help out. They aren’t much but I’d like you guys to be as close to the ride as possible. And please if any of you have any ideas of other organizations I should raise money for in the coming months PLEASE feel free to let me know. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to help young T1s get in touch with their Diabetes. I can personally attest: It makes life SOOOOO much easier.

SO. Without further ado. My very own Indiegogo Campaign to benefit The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults/Riding On Insulin because I think they are really great groups that teach young people how great they really are and stuff!!!!!

Let me know what you think guys. And spread the word. There are a few million of us Type 1 types out there.  And I’m looking for all the support I can get!