There’s too many things I haven’t done yet


So as many of you probably already know IT’S WORLD DIABETES DAY!!! The day when us pancreatically challenged individuals can stand up, loud and proud about how friggin awesome we all are WHILST dealing with our Type 1/2 problems. Sure, things have gotten a lot easier for us over the past years, but STILL. Staying calm and pumping/finger pricking/carb counting on is no small feat, so take advantage of this nationally recognized day to give yourself a big old pat on the back. Maybe a cup cake or five.

But, to be completely honest, this is my first WDD celebration. NOT because I was just recently diagnosed or anything. I’ve been T1ing for 13 years strong. No, this is my first WDD celebration because up until a few weeks ago I had no idea that there even was a special day that all the Diabetics of the world got to call their very own. IN FACT, the entire month of November is dedicated to us and the spreading of awareness of the Diabetes. Who knew? Okay I’m sure a lot of you did so please excuse me and my overdue diabetes day enlightenment. Since I’ve been trying to avoid all my Type 1 issues for so long, I thought I’d take this day of Diabetes days, to make up for lost time and do some good for all of us.

As a few of you might already know, I have decided to bike across that great old gal we call the U.S of A. I’ll be cycling from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR. It’s around 4000+ miles. It’s one of those epic adventures I’m always telling people to take. Now the trip is for a charity called the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. It’s a pretty cool organization that puts together support, education, and college scholarship programs for young adult cancer patients and survivors. In order to do my ride I have to raise a pretty good deal of money, at LEAST $4,500 to be exactly exact. All that money goes toward Ulman Fund programs as well as a very special college scholarship that the team I’ll be biking with will get to hand deliver to its recipient. Now I love the idea of helping raise money for a great organization like this, but why not spread the wealth a little and help out a group of people that I am very much a part of. I’m talking to you D people!

Cross country cycling tours are pretty incredible. Not many people who aren’t professional cyclists or Forrest Gump wannabes with flat feet can say they’ve pedaled across an entire country (well maybe people in Chile can) let alone such a huge one like our old American beauty, America. And if you ask how many non-pro-cycling/Forrest Gump impersonators with Type 1 have cycled across the country, than the list gets even smaller. That’s why I really want to take advantage of this really great opportunity I have to show the world what we T1s are made of. THAT is why not only will I be using this thing to talk all about my adventures both preparing for and on the road, BUT I’d also like to raise some money, not just for the Ulman Fund but also for some really great organizations that teach young Type 1s how to stay active while being smart about and managing their Type 1.

I’d like to set up a donation page where people can make a donation. Half of which will go towards the Ulman Fund and the other half to a Type 1 related organization. This way two really great organizations can benefit! I am thinking that since my bike ride starts in June, I can pick a “Type 1 organization of the month” and have that months T1 donations go to them. What do you y’all think? Is this is a good idea?

I’d really like to get some input from you all. Like I’ve said, I’ve been pretty absent in the D world. To this day, after having the T1 for over 13 years, I can count the number of T1s I’ve met face to face on one hand. If any of you have any thoughts or concerns that I’ve overlooked PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know what I’m doing wrong and/or possibly right. If you have any ideas for T1 organizations I should focus on or ways I can improve on this idea of mine feel free to make a suggestion. You can also visit the FaceBook page and twitter handle I made for my ride and talk to me there. Check them out down below.

I’ve been avoiding the D world for way too long. But not anymore! And I can’t think of a better day to start it on than World Diabetes Day. Have a great one D people! Keep calm and pump/finger prick/carb count on!

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