Hello World!

My name is Walt. I live in Pittsburgh, PA (GO STEELERS and Bridges!!!). AND I have Type 1 diabetes… I’ve actually only said that last one out loud a couple times before. No it’s not because I was just recently diagnosed. I’ve actually had my T1 for over 13 years now. More than half my life at this point.  And for the majority of those 13 years my T1 was my deepest most closely guarded secret. I figured that if I didn’t acknowledge it and NEVER spoke about it, with ANYONE, it would stop being part of me. Just kind of, go away, eventually. Boy was I wrong.

But that was the younger, more rapscallion-ier version of myself. Now that I am older and wiser and more ruggedly handsome, I’ve decided to take this whole T1 thing head on. I definitely have some time to make up. SO that’s why I’m here. To talk about how I came to terms with my beast that calls itself T1 and to get in touch with the diabetes community that, before, I would never admit I was a member of. To finally talk to other people that get it in a way that I never thought anyone else would. Anyway, thanks for checking out my stories and I hope you find one you like.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. “…my T1 was my deepest most closely guarded secret. I figured that if I didn’t acknowledge it and NEVER spoke about it, with ANYONE, it would stop being part of me. Just kind of, go away, eventually.”

    Man…you sound EXACTLY like me. I haven’t exactly been mature in handling this disease, and I have paid the cost. By chance, is 2013 the first year you’ve become fully open about having type 1 diabetes with other people?

    • More or less. I did a big cross country bike ride with a team the summer before and that’s when I first took a proactive step out of the D closet and told everyone on the team what my situation was. More so because it could be potentially dangerous for everyone involved if anything were to happen out in the middle of nowhere. Now in 2013 I’d say i am more open about being open with it if that makes sense. I am more into the Online Diabetic Community. It’s not like the first thing out of my mouth when I meet people but I’ll talk about it if the subject were to come up. So I guess my answer is…definetely maybe. I’ve been to a couple JDRF get togethers and have actually met other Type1s which was interesting after 13 years of being the only one that I knew of. Ha, I figure that since life is a process, this whole acceptence thing is too. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. What about you?

      • I just got done writing, so I’m sorry if this post comes across as a bit “rushed.” I’ve never liked to focus on diabetes. I’ve always tried to compartmentalize it, and pay the least amount of attention to it as possible. If it came up naturally, I had no problem admitting it, but I still, in my eyes, had a subtle form of denialism. A few years back, I became more physically active – as a result, my blood sugars (and therefore mood) improved. This, in my mind, confirmed the delusion that I could somehow control the disease well while still trying to ignore it as much as possible. Fast forward to this February: late in that month, My blood sugars began fluctuating wildly every day… until mid march. It was at that time I began to be somewhat involved in the DOC – although, only on Tumblr. Another positive that came from that incident was that I established all the good diabetes habits that I was previously lacking. Things were going well for me until a few months ago, when I experienced diabetes burnout. As a part of the process of putting things back together again, I have created my own blog.

      • I see I see. I’m still trying to figure this whole internet thing out. I decided to do another cross country bike ride and am trying to get the DOC involved but it’s a little luke warm at present. I think since I am still a noob to the whole thing people aren’t all that trusting of me yet. Which I get but it can be frustraiting at times. Check out my campaign and le tme know what you think. I’ve been looking for some feed back that’s more than just “wow that’s cool”. I know getting people to donate is always a rough process but I just want to make sure there isn’t something I’m doing wrong. Any insight would be much appreciated.



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