One wild and precious life…


It’s a simple question, yes, but one with profound and limitless possibilities.

It’s both difficult and unsettling to process but we all REALLY do only have this one life to live….

A scary thought to say the least. As a person with the Type 1 D, I think it is especially scary because of all the things that could potentially go wrong with my own body that I have little to no control over. And that’s not even taking into account all the real world randomness of getting hit by buses, slipping on banana peals, or choking on a pretzel (If they were ballsy enough to go after George W., don’t think they won’t try to take you out in a heart beat!).

Now I’m not going to sit hear and preach about how we all need to go carpe all the diems we can. Not only is that WAY over done, but it’s something we all know and, I would hope, agree with to some extent. It’s HARD to make EVERY day of your life the most amazing day ever. If anything it just makes the amazing even less so. Too much of a good thing really can…well, look who I am talking to. If there’s any group of people that know about too much of a good thing being terrible for you its T1s. And just to be sure that the this horse is dead, yes, that is a reference to carbohydrates: those deliciously dangerous macromolecules of energy that both feed and kill us all at the same time (NO HORSES WERE HURT  IN THE CREATION OF THIS SENTENCE).

What this very deep and hipster quote really makes me want to do is just BE better. To make a deliberate effort to be a better advocate, singer/guitar player, customer service specialist (that one not as much but being better at work no matter how mundane or boring is can still be rewarding). A better person in general, than I was the day before. It’s actually really to do when you’ve got the T1D to always keep you on your toes. One slip up there and boy do I FEEL the consequences.

It’s definitely hard (not to mention vague). BEING better. EVERY day. But all those little victories add up. They turn into big wins. Wins that make you excited to keep trying. To keep working. To keep being better. The when I speak out for T1 in the face of ignorance. The times when I hit that high note just right. Even the times when I have a really good call and I actually knew what I was talking about (doesn’t happen as much as I would like unfortunately).

All these little victories come together and help me remember that: Yes. I do only have this one life. But as long as I keep this up. It will only get better. Lick this summer for instance 🙂 (GET READY FOR SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION IN 3….2….1)

As you all know I am going to be biking across the country. Baltimore, Maryland to Portland, Oregon. I have set up a campaign to raise money for both Type 1 Diabetes AND young adult cancer patients. Try and be better with me and consider making a donation. It’s worth DOUBLE karma points AND is completely carb-free! Take a look at my route too. Maybe I’ll be biking near your house!?!?

Official Route 2014